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    WIP Refactoring to made drupalizer work with docker-compose. · 3bf4c1fd
    Ernesto Rodriguez Ortiz authored
    I'm really sorry for this one BIG commit with all the changes, but this
    start like an experiment work testing differents thinks and some of
    them were removed, so I don't want to create confussion with commits
    that add some changes and are later removed by other commits.
    This is still a WIP (Work In Progress) but I think is ready for
    testing and have some feedbacks and contributions!
    * Use Docker4Drupal instead our own base image.
    * Use Docker Compose to run docker commands instead docker directly, so
    almost every fab docker.* task has changed, use fab --list to see new tasks.
    * Add a fix permissions task to set the owner and groups of files
    dynamically using the current user and the web server user in the container.
    * Add a task to clean the src/drupal avoiding permissions problems.
    * Add ruamel.yml like a dependency to the project to inspect the defined
    services in the docker-compose.yml
    * Change the test package to load and run differents tests modules dynamically.
    * Add a "tags" argument to the "test" command in order to limit which
    scenarios are run.
    * Changes in the config files structure, you must copy local_vars.py and
    rewrite the conf/drupalizer.py
    * Several PEP8 corrections.
    * Add aegir folder with the drush migrate-sites and remove-platform scripts
    that should be placed in the aegir home in the hostmaster server.
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