Commit 0f76b89b authored by Victor Nikulshin's avatar Victor Nikulshin
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Remove sudo operations from drush tasks

parent e5ce9424
......@@ -124,16 +124,13 @@ def site_install():
with h.fab_cd(role, site_root):
h.fab_run(role, 'chown {}:{} ./sites'.format(env.apache_user, env.apache_user))
h.fab_run(role, 'chmod ug+w ./sites/default'.format(env.docker_site_root))
if env.site_default_language:
locale = '--locale="{}"'.format(env.site_default_language)
locale = ''
h.fab_run(role, 'sudo -u {} drush site-install {} {} --db-url=mysql://{}:{}@{}/{} --site-name="{}" '
'--account-name={} --account-pass={} --sites-subdir={} -y'.format(apache, profile, locale,
h.fab_run(role, 'drush site-install {} {} --db-url=mysql://{}:{}@{}/{} --site-name="{}" '
'--account-name={} --account-pass={} --sites-subdir={} -y'.format(profile, locale,
db_user, db_pass,
db_host, db_name, site_name,
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