Commit 12720aef authored by 20th (Victor Nikulshin)'s avatar 20th (Victor Nikulshin) Committed by Victor Nikulshin
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Check for empty env.site_languages during make build

Do not try to download translation if no languages were set in site
configuration. Otherwise, Drush will try to download translations, will be able
to find anything, and ultimately fail environment initialization.
parent d4aa5137
......@@ -49,6 +49,7 @@ def make(action='install'):
drush_opts += "--contrib-destination=profiles/{} ".format(env.site_profile)
if env.site_languages:
if not env.get('always_use_pty', True):
drush_opts += "--translations=" + env.site_languages + " "
elif confirm(red('Say [Y] to {} the site at {} with the specified translation(s): {}. If you say [n] '
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