Commit 14fdcb81 authored by Samuel Sirois's avatar Samuel Sirois
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Fix bug in discovering git repositories

The repository is not always "represented" by a .git directory. It can
be represented by a .git file in the case of a git submodule.
parent 1dcd2dd0
......@@ -70,7 +70,7 @@ def update():
def verif():
# STEP 1
h.fab_cd('local', env.workspace)
repos = local('find ./ -type d -name ".git"', capture=True).splitlines()
repos = local('find ./ -name ".git"', capture=True).splitlines()
for repo in repos:
repoLocalPath = path.normpath(path.join(env.workspace, repo, '..'))
with h.fab_cd('local', repoLocalPath):
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