Commit 1dcd2dd0 authored by Samuel Sirois's avatar Samuel Sirois
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Refactor <verif> task

Better to fetch local branches information once instead of twice.

We play with "in memory raw data" and extract needed information as
parent b4f1ac57
......@@ -78,18 +78,18 @@ def verif():
remoteName = local('git remote', capture=True)
localBranches = _getLocalBranchNames()
for localBranch in localBranches:
if (not _remoteBranchExists(localBranch)):
print red('Local branch "' + localBranch + '" is not present on "' + remoteName + '" remote.')
localBranchesRawInfo = _getLocalBranchesInformation()
for localBranchRawInfo in localBranchesRawInfo:
localBranchName = _getBranchName(localBranchRawInfo)
if ((localBranchName is not None) and (not _remoteBranchExists(localBranchName))):
print red('Local branch "' + localBranchName + '" is not present on "' + remoteName + '" remote.')
# to do, la pusher (git push remoteName localBranch)
print green('Verify branches status against remote...');
branches = local('git branch --list -vv', capture=True).splitlines()
pattern = re.compile('.*\[.* ahead .*\].*')
for branch in branches:
if (pattern.match(branch)):
print red('Local branch "' + branch.replace('*', '').strip().split()[0] + '" is ahead of remote branch.');
for localBranchRawInfo in localBranchesRawInfo:
if (pattern.match(localBranchRawInfo)):
print red('Local branch "' + _getBranchName(localBranchRawInfo) + '" is ahead of remote branch.');
# - est ce qu'il y a du code non-stage (git status -s)
# on s'arrete a chaque alerte, et on demande quoi faire...
......@@ -100,16 +100,15 @@ def verif():
# - si la Branch n'est pas trackee, la pusher
# - s'il y a des commits non pushes, les pusher
def _getLocalBranchNames():
branches = local('git branch --list', capture=True).splitlines()
branchNames = []
for (i, branch) in enumerate(branches):
branchName = branch.replace('*', '').strip()
if (not _isBranchDetached(branchName)):
return branchNames
def _getLocalBranchesInformation():
return local('git branch --list -vv', capture=True).splitlines()
def _getBranchName(branchRawData):
branchName = branchRawData.replace('*', '').strip()
if (_isBranchDetached(branchName)):
return None
return branchName.split()[0]
def _isBranchDetached(branchName):
pattern = re.compile('\(.*\)')
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