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Merge branch 'fix/drush_aliases' into '3.x'

Fix/drush aliases

See merge request !42
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......@@ -76,16 +76,12 @@ def aliases():
drush_aliases = env.site_drush_aliases
workspace = env.workspace
if not os.path.exists(drush_aliases):
dk_run(['php'], user='root',
cmd='mkdir {}'.format(drush_aliases))
dk_run(['php'], user='root',
cmd='if [ ! -e {} ]; then mkdir {}; fi;'.format(drush_aliases, drush_aliases))
if os.path.exists('{}/aliases.drushrc.php'.format(drush_aliases)):
dk_run(['php'], user='root',
cmd='rm {}/aliases.drushrc.php'.format(drush_aliases))
if os.path.exists('{}/conf/aliases.drushrc.php'.format(workspace)):
dk_run(['php'], user='root',
cmd='cp {}/conf/aliases.drushrc.php {}/'.format(workspace,
cmd='cp --force {}/conf/aliases.drushrc.php {}/'.format(workspace,
print(green('Drush aliases have been copied to {} directory.'
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