Commit 64a0c740 authored by Philippe Mouchel's avatar Philippe Mouchel
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Add a separator line to improve output readability

parent e32b1568
......@@ -18,13 +18,14 @@ def check_status():
print red('Your workspace is not clean.')
print green('Your workspace is clean.')
def isGitDirty():
repos = local('find ' + path.normpath(env.workspace) + ' -name ".git"', capture=True).splitlines()
nbWarnings = 0
for repo in repos:
repoLocalPath = path.normpath(path.join(repo, '..'))
with h.fab_cd('local', repoLocalPath):
print green('---')
print green('Verify repo in ' + repoLocalPath)
remoteName = local('git remote', capture=True)
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