Commit 8ada0d82 authored by Ernesto Rodriguez Ortiz's avatar Ernesto Rodriguez Ortiz
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Fix bug in the creation of the logs dir.

Use the root user from the container to create the dir and then
change the group and owner so www-data can write.
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......@@ -174,6 +174,9 @@ def fix_files_owner_and_permissions():
Securing file permissions and ownership
service =['php']
dk_run(service, user='root',
cmd='chown -R {}:{} ../../logs'.format(env.local_userid,
dk_run(service, user='root',
cmd='chown -R {}:{} .'.format(env.local_userid, env.apache_userid))
dk_run(service, user='root',
......@@ -195,3 +198,4 @@ def fix_files_owner_and_permissions():
def clean():
dk_run(['php'], user='root', cmd='rm -rf ../drupal')
dk_run(['php'], user='root', cmd='rm -rf ../../logs')
......@@ -75,7 +75,12 @@ def run(pattern='~@wip&&~@disabled&&~@test'):
service =['php']
workspace = env.code_workspace
dk_run(service, 'mkdir -p {}/logs/behat'.format(workspace))
dk_run(service, user='root',
cmd='mkdir -p {}/logs/behat'.format(workspace))
dk_run(service, user='root',
cmd='chown -R {}:{} {}/logs/behat'.format(env.apache_userid,
if not os.path.exists('../tests/behat/bin/behat'):
if not os.path.exists('{}/tests/behat/behat.yml'.format(workspace)):
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