Commit b4104eac authored by 20th (Victor Nikulshin)'s avatar 20th (Victor Nikulshin) Committed by Victor Nikulshin
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Setup sample host name in default_vars

If configured host name is empty, Drupalizer will construct an invalid `sed`
invocation to modify `/etc/hosts` file. As the result, environment
initialization will fail.
parent b37f3851
......@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ env.site_db_user = 'dev'
env.site_db_pass = 'dev'
env.site_db_host = 'localhost'
env.site_db_name = 'dev'
env.site_hostname = ''
env.site_hostname = ''
env.site_admin_user = 'admin'
env.site_admin_pass = 'admin'
env.site_subdir = 'default'
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