Commit ba24f08c authored by Victor Nikulshin's avatar Victor Nikulshin
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Redeclare 'docker' role with the updated IP address

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......@@ -139,6 +139,9 @@ def fab_update_container_ip(container_ip):
local('sed -i "/env.container_ip/d" {}'.format(fab_path('')))
local('sed -i "/# Docker auto-added container IP/a env.container_ip = \'{}\'" {}'.format(''.join(container_ip), fab_path('')))
# Redeclare 'docker' role with updated IP
env.roledefs['docker'] = ["drupalizer@{}".format(env.container_ip)]
if os.path.exists(fab_path('local_vars.pyc')):
# Clear cached bytecode file
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