Commit bc699e82 authored by Ernesto Rodriguez Ortiz's avatar Ernesto Rodriguez Ortiz
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Update the task drush_config to recreate the drush aliases.

Refs: #1
parent db82bd22
......@@ -500,12 +500,16 @@ def drush_config(role='local'):
Create drush aliases
fab_run(role, 'mkdir {}'.format(DRUSH_ALIASES))
if not fab_exists(role, DRUSH_ALIASES):
fab_run(role, 'mkdir {}'.format(DRUSH_ALIASES))
with fab_cd(role, DRUSH_ALIASES):
# Create aliases
if fab_exists(role, '{}/aliases.drushrc.php'.format(DRUSH_ALIASES)):
fab_run(role, 'rm aliases.drushrc.php')
fab_run(role, 'ln -s {}/deploy/aliases.drushrc.php .'.format(WORKSPACE))
# Download other drush commands
fab_run(role, 'git clone')
if not fab_exists(role, '{}/po-import'.format(DRUSH_ALIASES)):
fab_run(role, 'git clone')
print green('Drush configuration done.')
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