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// Refs
// This document is included in every project that submodules it.
=== Drupalizer tasks
......@@ -32,20 +11,40 @@ For a complete overview of all available commands, run:
$ fab --list
==== Common tasks
==== Top-level tasks
The most common tasks supported by *Drupalizer* would be:
The top-levels tasks are larger tasks that include others. They are the most commonly called tasks.
* _Setup_ the Docker container, and _run_ a full Drupal installation:
$ fab local_setup
$ fab ls
* _Configure_ and _run_ the Behat tests:
$ fab tests
TIP: The formatters used are _pretty_ and _junit_.
* _Build_ the Drupal platform:
$ fab make
* _Run_ the Drupal installation
$ fab install
==== Other common tasks
Some more atomic tasks supported by *Drupalizer* would be:
* _Start/stop_ the Docker container:
$ fab crun
$ fab cstop
* _Run_ the Behat tests:
* _Run_ the Behat tests (without configure):
$ fab run_behat
$ fab rb
......@@ -67,4 +66,3 @@ CAUTION: This command will wipe all the modifications made in the working direct
* _Bash_ into the Docker container:
$ fab connect
$ fab ssh
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