Commit ca0a0c05 authored by 20th (Victor Nikulshin)'s avatar 20th (Victor Nikulshin) Committed by Victor Nikulshin
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Remove `capture` kwarg from `fab_run()` function

This argument is valid only in combination with `local` role parameter, and it
is not being called in this combination anymore.
parent 08884967
......@@ -58,16 +58,15 @@ else:
env.site_drush_aliases = path.join(env.docker_site_root, 'sites/all/drush')
def fab_run(role="local", cmd="", capture=False):
def fab_run(role="local", cmd=""):
Helper function to run the task locally or remotely
:param role: the role to use for define the host
:param cmd: the command to execute
:param capture: if it should return or not the output of the command
:return: the function to execute the command locally or remotely
if role == "local":
return local(cmd, capture)
return local(cmd)
return run(cmd)
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