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Execute git while making sure it answers in English

This way, regardless of the default language in the environment,
our task will complete as expected.
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......@@ -57,7 +57,7 @@ def _check_repo(repoLocalPath):
print green('---')
print green('Verify repo in ' + repoLocalPath)
remoteName = local('git remote', capture=True)
remoteName = local('LC_ALL=C git remote', capture=True)
filesStatusRawInfo = _get_files_status_information()
print green('Verify local files status against current HEAD commit...')
......@@ -120,9 +120,7 @@ def _check_local_branches_exist_on_remote(localBranchesRawInfo, remoteName):
def _check_local_branches_status_vs_remote(localBranchesRawInfo, remoteName):
nbWarnings = 0
pushableBranches = []
# on gere un git FR ou EN, a voir ce qu'on peut faire
# pour une internationalisation plus cool..
pattern = re.compile('.*\[.* (ahead|en avance de) .*\].*')
pattern = re.compile('.*\[.* (ahead) .*\].*')
for localBranchRawInfo in localBranchesRawInfo:
if (pattern.match(localBranchRawInfo)):
localBranchName = _get_branch_name(localBranchRawInfo)
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