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= Boilerplate template for Drupal projects
SFL Drupal Team <>
v2.0, 2016-03-10
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// Refs
image::[Build status]
__________ _____ ____ ___ __ ____
/ __/ __/ / / _/ |/ / / / / |/_/ /_ /__ __
_\ \/ _// /___/ // / /_/ /> < / / \ \ /
/___/_/ /____/___/_/|_/\____/_/|_| /_(_)_\_\
// (to make a title: echo " CLIENT.PROJECT" | figlet -f smslant )
This *generic template* aims at _implementating_ a default project tree, that then could be used as a *starter kit* for new Drupal projects.
It uses our custom Drupal distribution {gitlab-sflinux}[*SFLinux*] as codebase.
TIP: More information on our Drupal practices at Savoir-faire Linux are described in {sfl-wiki-drupal}[the official Wiki].
== System Requirements
This installation profile has been designed to work with Drupal 7, and is compatible with PHP > 5.3.
Ensure your system is properly installed.
TIP: Whenever it is possible, you should use *Composer* to install and manage the PHP dependencies.
The following dependencies need to be installed:
* {doc-docker}[Docker]
* {doc-docker-baseimage}[Docker base image]
* {doc-fabric}[Fabric]
* {doc-drush}[Drush] (version 6 or 7)
== Installation
CAUTION: The installation procedure to set-up Docker is not described here. Please refer to the official documentation on how to install {doc-docker-installation}[Docker Engine]. The {doc-docker-baseimage}[Docker base image] should also be installed at this point.
First, you should clone this repository.
$ git clone --recursive
It is recommanded to clone with the _recursive_ option to automatically fetch the included _git submodules_ (namely, Drupalizer, our tasks-automation tool).
TIP: If you properly init the submodule, you should have a _drupalizer_ directory at the repository root.
Then, copy and, optionally, edit your local configuration file:
$ cp conf/ drupalizer/
You are now ready to build the SFLinux distribution:
$ cd drupalizer
$ fab local_setup
The Docker image containing the Drupal installation should now be up and running, and the site should now be accessible at http://local.boilerplate.sfl.
== Official documentation
More on Drupal distributions:
More on Drush and Makefile:
== About this document
This document uses the Asciidoc syntax generator. It is a convenient
tool allowing to write documentation in raw text files, and convert
them to HTML or PDF later on.
Visit[Asciidoctor @ *GitHub*] for more informations.
To generate a HTML version, first install asciidoctor package on your
Linux distribution, then issue following command:
$ asciidoctor README
The README.html is generated in the current directory.
Asciidoctor provides a native PDF renderer for Asciidoc. Still in alpha, but worth the try. Please follow the instructions on the official documentation to
install it, then issue following command:
$ asciidoctor-pdf README
The README.pdf file shall be created in the current directory.
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