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= Changelog
* The Drupalizer submodule has been renamed as *fabfile*, so it could be discovered as a Fabric module.
CAUTION: Be careful not to flush your config file during the following process.
To update:
$ git submodule sync
$ cp drupalizer/ fabfile
$ rm -rf drupalizer
* In non-interactive mode, the container IP is now managed in the config file.
It will be updated when running the task *docker.container_start*.
For it to work on Jenkins, you need to add manually the following line, if not already there:
# Docker auto-added container IP
The current container IP will be added after this line. This is a workaround to avoid editing */etc/hosts*.
Once the line has been added, run:
$ fab docker.container_stop
$ fab docker.container_start
You should now see a new environment variable below the line you just added:
$ env.container_ip = ''
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