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Drupal boilerplate

Refs #61480
# Ignore source directory
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== Nouvelle Installation ==
# Prepare the installation
drush make build/ccola_aln-6.x.make src/drupal/ -y
# Restore the latest database dump
cd src/drupal
zcat ../../build/ccola_dbdump_latest.sql.gz | mysql -u <user> -p <dbname>
.. note::
A daily database snapshot from the production is archived on Jenkins:
It could be downloaded from there as well.
# Don't forget to manually edit settings.php to add your own database credentials
== Site Update ==
drush make --no-core ../../build/ccola_aln-6.x.make .
drush updatedb
Add here project documentation
Copy patches that can be applied in the site.
Patches that must be applied should be specified in the Makefile.
core = 7.x
api = 2
; Core
; Always get the latest version
projects[] = drupal
; To get a specific Drupal version, use the following line instead:
; projects[drupal][version] = 7.33
* DO NOT EDIT. Copy this file to a new file named aliases.drushrc.php.
* Example file.
* Drush aliases definition.
$aliases['staging'] = array(
'root' => '/var/www/html/drupal',
'uri' => '',
'remote-host' => '',
'remote-user' => 'webmaster',
'path-aliases' => array(
'%files' => 'sites/default/files',
= Instructions =
== Behat: functional tests ==
Copy behat/behat.yml.example to behat/behat.yml, and replace the placeholders with your values.
Run the tests:
% ./behat
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