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Update for 2017.11.2

Signed-off-by: default avatarPeter Korsgaard <>
parent fd656bce
2017.11.2, Released January 21st, 2018
Important / security related fixes.
External toolchain: libatomic is now also copied for musl
based toolchains.
nconfig: Fix for ncurses/ncursesw linking issue causing crashes.
System: Only show getty options when busybox init or sysvinit
are used.
Infrastructure: Fix build issue for autotools based packages
checking for C++ support on toolchains without C++ support and
on a distro lacking /lib/cpp (E.G. Arch Linux).
Pie charts generated by 'graph-build' or 'graph-size' are now
sorted according to the size of each piece.
Updated/fixed packages: asterisk, avahi, bind, busybox,
coreutils, eeprog, intel-microcode, iputils, irssi, kmsxx,
libiio, linux-firmware, lz4, mariadb, matchbox-lib, mcookie,
ntp, php, pound, rpcbind, tar, ti-cgt-pru, webkitgtk, xen,
Issues resolved (
#9996: lz4 package does not install lz4 binaries in target
#10176: Rsyslog's S01logging is deleted by from...
#10216: package/x11r7/mcookie/mcookie.c:207: bad size ?
#10301: systemd/getty unused options
#10331: kmsxx, host installation fails with BR2_SHARED_...
#10556: Building ntp package with SSL library libressl...
#10641: avahi-autoipd not starting when using systemd-tmpfiles
2017.11.1, Released December 31th, 2017
Important / security related fixes.
......@@ -87,9 +87,9 @@ all:
.PHONY: all
# Set and export the version string
export BR2_VERSION := 2017.11.1
export BR2_VERSION := 2017.11.2
# Actual time the release is cut (for reproducible builds)
BR2_VERSION_EPOCH = 1514710000
BR2_VERSION_EPOCH = 1516569000
# Save running make version since it's clobbered by the make package
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